Blessed Edward Bamber Catholic Multi Academy Trust

Staff Well-being

The Blessed Edward Bamber Catholic MAT recognises the essential need to have a motivated, valued and respected workforce. Mental health and well-being of our staff is vital for staff and our pupils. In order for staff to support the ongoing mental health and wellbeing of our pupils, it is essential that the Trust supports its workforce in the same way.

A healthy, happy staff means that we can:

  • Improve staff morale and performance
  • Retain high-quality staff
  • Reduce sickness absence and staff cover
  • Ensure good return to work practices
  • Attract well-qualified and talented staff through increased reputation
  • Ensure a better environment for our pupils to learn and succeed.

We want our staff to:

  • Enjoy working in a safe, supportive environment and culture
  • Be aware of mental health and well-being issues and how to seek support for themselves and others
  • Help us to reduce the stigma around stress and anxiety in the workplace
  • Feel supported during times of personal or work stress
  • Maintain a healthy life-work balance
  • Feel confident to talk to colleagues and/or managers
  • Have positive and healthy professional relationships at work.

In order to achieve these outcomes BEBCMAT will be committed to:

  • Promoting and disseminating good practice in well-being throughout the academies
  • Providing high-quality personal and professional development opportunities for all staff
  • Supporting staff who are experiencing mental health problems
  • Offer support to each academy to develop their Well-being Strategy.

To ensure the engagement of Health & Well-being throughout the whole of BEBCMAT is consistent, each academy will:

  • Allow staff opportunities and time to attend training and courses
  • Promote information about and access to supportive services
  • Celebrate success
  • Share good practice
  • Encourage healthy life style choices
  • Encourage all staff to have open communication with the Senior Leadership Team
  • Encourage all staff to engage in Health & Well-being.

A meaningful and successful Health & Well-being provision involves the engagement of all employees, therefore it is the aim of BEBCMAT that each individual will:

  • Be a positive role model
  • Promote healthy life style choices during the school day
  • Be responsible for actively seeking support if it is needed, professionally or personally
  • Participate in personal and professional development opportunities, strategies and training.