• Academy

    An independent school funded directly by central government. Since an
    Academy is not maintained by a local authority, it is free from local authority control, monitoring, support and intervention.

  • Academy Conversion Legal Costs

    The costs of legal advice and the provision of documents necessary to establish an Academy.

  • The Blessed Edward Bamber Catholic Multi Academy Trust (BEBCMAT)
    A group of Catholic Schools within Blackpool


  • Board of Directors

    A body responsible for all of the academies in a trust.  The majority of the directors in the BEBCMAT will be appointed by the Bishop of Lancaster.

  • Company

    Apart from key statutes such as the Companies Act and the Academies Act 2010 a Multi Academy Company is governed by its Articles of Association as a company and by the contracts it enters into and is run in accordance with company/contract law.

  • Local Academy Board/Governing

    Part of the governance and leadership structure of the MAT. The full Bodies scope and role are yet to be determined.

  • Multi Academy Trust (MAT)

    A company formed to run two or more academies (schools).

  • National College for School Leadership (NCSL)

    An executive agency of the Department for Education.

  • School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD)

    The statutory pay and conditions document STPCD will be retained by the Trust (BEBCMAT).

  • Trust

    A relationship, in this instance, between a family of Catholic Schools in which ‘trustees’ are legally responsible for holding assets. The assets – such as land, money or buildings – are placed in trust for the benefit of each school and all the schools.